The STRAAT MUSEUM, located in Amsterdam, is undoubtedly one of the largest dedicated entirely to Graffiti and Street Art. Its facilities used to be part of an old factory in the NDSM port which is located a few minutes from the city center. With around 8,000 m2 and housing some 150 works by different artists, STRAAT has established itself as one of the best museums in the Netherlands, obtaining such recognition at the Tiqets Remarkable Venue Awards at the end of 2021.

One of the things that is most striking compared to other museums and galleries is that each of the works is created on site and although most of them are large canvases (I’ll talk about that later)  There are also different types of installations, 3D works, interactive works and all kinds of formats and techniques classified by themes that cover all the concerns of today’s society.




As I said before, the large canvases are carefully suspended thanks to the properties of the space, whose ceiling with metal beams provides enough stability to support the 9m x 5m surface on which most of the works are worked.

My main idea was to handle a much more restricted and less intense range of color, giving prominence to the image and creating a general set that would look sober in which the viewer could dwell on the different details without having to be distracted by the color.

Attached to this, is the theme, which I summarized in the following words:

“I used to be a person who enjoyed virtual interactions, and felt more comfortable with it as my lifestyle demanded it; At an early age I began to travel to paint and move, which has kept me in constant movement separated from my family and friends. But at this time, and even more after the confinement we have experienced, I have discovered the need and satisfaction of personal interaction and how much it enriches my physical and mental health; giving more importance to what it means to ‘look into the eyes’”.


Painting at the Straat Museum, the largest street art museum
Museum visitor, matching the color palette.


Reflections after the Work:


This work has marked a before and after in my way of building and mixing characters with letters; outlining a path in which I feel there is much to explore. It was definitely a very good experience to work with the Museum hand in hand with its director. David Ross, who has done a great job together with the entire team that makes up STRAAT; Since I had the opportunity to stay for several days, it is definitely a place I would gladly return to when visiting Amsterdam.

I leave you the link of my technical file in the museum: Into the eyes | ZuriK  I hope that if you have the opportunity to visit the capital of the Netherlands, you will not lose sight of this great museum