On March 5 and until May 29, 2022,“Anónimo” will be open, a collective exhibition curated by RAMPA PRO, a creative and artistic space in Linares – Spain, where cultural projects related to Urban and contemporary art are developed.

Poster of the “Anonymous” Exhibition

The exhibition focuses on collecting different works by female artists(30 in total) around their view of the value of women in art, the various stereotypes that exist around her and the role she plays today in the construction of this discipline.

About my work:

For this occasion I wanted to reflect on something that touches me directly; the issue of what women in graffiti paint, should paint, or are assumed to do. Over the years, when a person introduces me to another, or I introduce myself and say that I do graffiti, automatically, if that person has not seen any of my work, a very little deconstructed imaginary is created in terms of what is done. Currently, the image is as follows: “Bubble or very simple letters, in pink / yellow or light blue colors, bubbles or circles around or failing that, hearts, butterflies, flowers…. and anything related more to the imaginary than it could be the drawing of a girl to anything else” ; With this I do not mean that it is incorrect if any woman or man likes to paint letters along this line, since there are some who with this same description make beautiful pieces; what i mean is THAT stereotype of what women can offer because simply “We are not made for lyrics” or “We are not interested”.

“Women paint…” the work at the opening, photo by: Rampa Pro

The title of the work is: “Women paint…” In condensation to what is presupposed: “Women paint simple letters” , “Women paint women” , “Women paint in Pink” , “Women paint happy things”. Instead, and to reinforce my point, in this painting I have done the opposite, complex letters, a man’s face, a dull and cold pink and definitely a look that evokes any other sensation far from joy and happiness.

Graffiti is still a great unknown to the general population, full of stigmas and assumptions more related to delinquency than to a plastic activity like any other, understanding that its means of action is the public space which suffers from visual damage, but that does not physically harm people; hence, Although the discomfort caused by “the graffiti” is understandable, it is not even remotely comparable to other types of crimes. Now, if that is the role that graffiti occupies in society, you can already imagine that of women in graffiti, an absolute minority even for those who are inside; That is why I proudly carry my letters in the projects I present, constantly searching for a balance between what I want to do and the responsibility of capturing something in the street, or in this case in an exhibition open to all kinds of public.


Photos of the process and technical sheet of the piece here.

If you want to know more about the Expo, I invite you to see the photos of the inauguration here.

The physical catalogof the expo is available in its Online Store, along with the official t-shirtof the event.